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Enterprise Law

  • Incorporation and registration of the company, enterprise (all forms of companies, enterprises (in Lith.- UAB, AB, II, VsI; Associations, European Companies, etc.), incorporation and registration of the company‘s branches, subsidiaries, affiliates, etc.:
    • The preparation of the documents of incorporation (articles of incorporation, bylaws, etc.), maching documents to the requirements of the notaries and registration of documents in the Public Register;
    • The order of the stamp, the registration of the company in the State Tax Inspectorate payers and the Payer of VAT if requested by the Client.
  • The registration of the amendments of the documents of incorporation (articles of incorporation, bylaws, etc.): changing the companies registration address (adress of incorporation), name, ets.;
  • Increase (Reduction) of Authorised Capital;
  • Company Purchase / Acquisition (the preparation of the Company Purchase
  • Agreement and other relative documents / actions);
  • Shares Acquisition (the preparation of the Shares Acquisition Contract and other relative documents / actions);
  • The organization of the General Meetings of the Shareholders, other collegial bodies of the company, the preparation of the agenda, protocols, minutes, solutions and other documents;
  • The reorganization, division, transformation, liquidation of the company, enterprise (the preparation of the documents, the registration of the legal status, etc.);
  • Other legal services necessary for the business of the company (enterprise).


These services are rendered in English and Lithuanian languages.