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Contract Law

Professional formation of different contracts and agreements:

  • Trading Contract,
  • Purchase Agreement,
  • Realty (predial thing) Purchase Agreement,
  • Company Purchase Agreement,
  • Services Agreement,
  • Shares Aquisition Contract;
  • Loan Agreement,
  • Transference of Requirement agreement,
  • Transference of Liability Agreement,
  • Lease of Nonresidential (comercial and others) and Residential Premises
  • Contract,
  • Lease of Transport Agreement,
  • Lease of Equipment Agreement,
  • Lease of Land Agreement,
  • Unfeed Usage Contract;
  • Contract for Constructional Works,
  • Contract for Consumption Works,
  • Contract for Subworks,
  • Contract for Projection and Investigation Works;
  • Assignment Agreement,
  • Mediation Agreement,
  • Commercial Cooperation Agreement,
  • Incorporate Activity (Partnership) Agreement;
  • Carriage Contract,
  • Delivery Contract,
  • Distribution Contract;
  • Other Contracts;


Legal analysis and correction of the contracts. Lawyers verify contracts according to the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and laws of the European Union and international law, valid in Lithuania, offers for the business client useful provisions for the contract, amend contracts according to the principle – there should not be in the contract provisions which are not good/useful for the business client, give solutions and suggestions for the particular contract provisions.


Assistance in realizing contracts. Other documents formation, which are necessary for the working and activity of the Company:

  • We prepare requests, pretensions for the delay to pay (debt recovery), unsuitable performance of other provisions of the contract (unqualified, inappropriate goods, works, services and etc.) or noncompliance with a contract;
  • We prepare procedural documents for the courts for the noncompliance with the contracts;
  • We prepare other writings: notifications, explanations, applications, orders and etc.


Representation in the negotiations. We promote, intermediate, represent for the business clients in the bargains and negotiations for the coordination of the contract provisions.


These services are rendered in English and Lithuanian languages.