Representation of Client

In Courts, Arbitrations

Formation of (according to the Lithuanian, European Union and International Law) claim (complaint), counterclaim, replay, application, separate complaint, appeal and other procedural documents.


Representation in civil and administrative proceedings.

In public and private institutions, agencies, companies and other organizations
Representation in Public Company “Register Center”, notary, bailiff’s bureaus, State Social Insurance Fund Board (in Lith. – SODRA), State Tax Inpectorate (in Lith. – VMI), State Labour Inspectorate, local municipalities, other public and private organizations in the Republic of Lithuania;


Solution of disputes by negotiations (in extrajudicial way)
Notices, pretensions, applications, claims and other forms of requirements concerning unduly execution of contracts, debts, bad quality of goods or services (works) and other cases.


These services are rendered in English and Lithuanian languages.

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